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Efficient sponsorship is a difficult genre.

If you are the sponsor, think about this: are you sure to exploit all communication possibilities for your money spent? If you are sponsored, the question for you: are you sure you do your utmost to keep your supporters and attract new sponsors? There are huge communication possibilities in sponsorship, practically all communication tools can be applied. In most cases success only depends on creativity.

Let's see how it works! The reference list includes the most spectacular projects of recent years, the execution of which “ from the idea to complete implementation“ was done by me.

Andrea Szilagyi
Sponsor communication expert

2011-: founder of Spiritusz Ltd., clients: Hungarian Handball Federation, MVM Hungarian Electricity Ltd., Győri Audi ETO, Vodafone, Sportvitalitás, Hungarian Polo Association
2007-2012: sponsorship and event manager, sponsorship expert, Vodafone Hungary Ltd.
1998-2007: PR expert, strategic consultant (Dreher, Comprad, B.Swan, Pepper)